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04 Jul 2014

Posted by mesome32 in Announcements

I've got exciting news! Recently I've been toying with some plugins, and I am really closing to adding the features to the server. You may ask what these features are, and this post should help explain what's coming.


Some of you may have noticed some weird items dropping from mobs. These items have some cool abilities, and amped up effects. At the moment only 3 of these items exist, 2 of which are rare drops. Don't fret, there are about 25 planned items coming in the near future.

At the moment this post is looking kind of short, but it's not over. There's yet another addition. As if monsters weren't annoying enough, now there's different levels and types of monsters which have their own abilities. These mobs have chances for better loot when killed, and bosses can drop diamonds and other ores.


Some of you may be aware of the plugin CraftBook. This plugin will have features added for every rank from member to titan. If you aren't aware of what CraftBook

Once this is complete I'll put a notice up on the web page with a link to the corresponding wiki pages. OH THAT'S RIGHT! I'm rewriting our Wiki to include all the new stuff, and some better documentation.

Also, a thanks to our new build crew for building us some awesome mob arenas! (See Spire, IceAge and, Nightmare)

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April Update

03 Apr 2014

Posted by mesome32 in Announcements

There hasn't been an update on our main page for a long time now, and there has been a lot of changes. These include some of the following:

  • Quests soon to be added
  • New shop, new economy
  • Switch from RoyalChat back to Towny natives upcoming
  • Staff purge

First, I'll cover the future items, Quests and the staff purge. The quest plugin is installed and ready to go, but it's missing one essential part, the quests themselves. I am writing up a document for these quests, don't expect too much of a wait. In other news, I will be reconstructing the staff ranks and the staff themselves. We will be more strict this time, and purge inactive and non helpful staff. All old staff will be given premium permissions as a gift for previous service. 


In other news, a new shop has been added, one of much larger size and more fitting theme. It has NPC shops in it, so check them out! It sells more items, speaking of items, a new price list has been constructed by me, to better ensure the balance of the economy. I have also constructed a more fitting "finite" economy system based on the amount of money in the server main bank account. I started the bank of with 100Mil to be on the safe side.

Finally, Towny Chat will show itself again shortly after quests appear in the system, this allows Town-Chat and Nation-Chat as well as display's Town and Nation in the chat itself.


That's all, I'm not going to be rude and post an April Fools joke.


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MAJOR Mini-Game Update!

12 Mar 2014

Posted by dpt051999 in Announcements

   Hello fellow Crymlyn members! I'm happy to announce that we are about to publish our latest Mini-Game updates!


   (*) CTF Arena finished.

   (*) Spleef Arenas finished.

   (*) CTF Plugin in progress.



   Here are some pictures so you know what will be coming  :D











   Cant wait to see you guys there!


  More information about the release date will be soon!




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23 Feb 2014

Posted by mesome32 in Announcements

Welcome to Crymlyn Towny's community forum! Start off by introducing yourself, and reply to a few threads. If you need help, post here. The old forums have been erased, however a backup exists, if you need a post or private message contact me or a senior staff member. Happy posting!

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